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Let’s talk about us

          Several years ago, some of the Georgian tea people were gathered in the village and decided to contribute to the revival of Georgian tea. So a sunny group will be created.
   The sunny group was founded in 2007. During this period, the sunny tea factory was purchased. The aim of the group was to revive tea production in mountainous villages of Guria, namely: create new jobs at the base of Mziani tea factory; Procurement of green tea from the local population; To assist them in the rehabilitation of plantations; High quality black and green bay tea on the local market; Production to Export.
     Since 2010 we have also started baying and realization.
     In today’s sunny group the “GGG” LTD (s / k 237109473) and LLC “Tea and Subtropical Crops Recycling Combination – Sunny” (S / 206048329).
    The sunny group has a sunny tea factory, 100 hectares of tea plantation in the Ozurgeti district of Laituri and the town of Nasakirali.
    The sunny group has close relationships with Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Iran companies. We adhere to different quality and black and green tea and bay expansion in Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
    Production is delivered from Georgia and Ukraine (Kiev). In case of demand, we can provide consumers with products from Iran, Vietnam, Innovia and China directly.
     The sunny group is operated in cooperation with tea, bay and other subtropical cultures.