Enjoy Georgian tea, especially Mziani Tea, which is saturated with the warmth of the hot sun of Guria and the unique aroma of Gurian nature.We offer Georgian tea products, hand-picked in the mountainous regions of Guria, which are packaged in boxes of 80, 100 grams. Also in disposable packaging of tea and goods in bulk at 25 kg. Product List [in boxes]

  • Black leaf tea – 80 gr
  • Green leaf tea – 80 gr
  • black long leaf tea – 100 gr
  • Black disposable tea bags – 25 pieces / box

Why us?

First of all, the main reason is to enjoy Georgian tea, and then choose our Georgian tea from Mziani.

It must be noted that the black elite tea we produce today is one of the best in the production of Georgian tea, which is confirmed by the conclusions of various laboratories and expert estimates.

A bit of history.

We are working on a European-level tea and bay leaf processing complex. To do this, we will use both new technologies and our experience. We will employ local people, we will produce environmentally friendly products, the implementation of which will not be a problem in the European market.

This is a big challenge for us, but our team is ready to implement this project.

The main specialization of our complex is tea production, but, as you know, tea production is seasonal in nature, so production facilities will remain idle for a certain period of the year. In this regard, it was considered advisable to establish technological lines for processing bay leaf, especially since the equipment available in the tea industry can be used to process bay leaf.

Our company has begun preparations for the new season.

We started processing tea plantations. We have news that, due to the current situation, we started sowing beans among plantations, 5 hectares have already been sown. We hope that our harvest will help solve the problem of food supply for the population of the region. We can allocate 30 hectares for sowing beans, if the government helps us with appropriate assistance

It is in our interests to make maximum use of local resources. Helping locals rehabilitate plantations. Use the qualifications of still existing tea specialists; Train young professionals and create modern standard jobs for them.

.Finally, each of our products that you buy stimulates the restoration of Georgian tea, creates jobs for the local population, employs a farmer on tea leaves, helps to use the knowledge and experience of professional specialists in the field of tea technologies remaining in the region, and increases the number of young specialists.

This allows the company to export Georgian tea abroad and re-present it to the population of foreign countries, preventing the influx of tea of ​​unknown origin and quality into Georgia by capturing the corresponding segment of the Georgian market.